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Memoirs of MajorVoyeur: Volume 1 MVs Perverted Pens Publishing Author

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    This personal memoirs is an account of a series of adventures I've enjoyed during my informative years. Join me as I lay bare my curiosity and eagerness to experience carnal epic adventures with multitudes of morally ambiguities women. Journey alongside while I disclose my tale of sexual awakening as developed through the many exploits enjoyed along with important life lessons learned. Funny and poignant at times, this plain, Midwestern man will shares the most intimate times that comprise my early years and beyond of erotic experiences in precise and beautiful detail.Some say that a memoir is an analysis of the development of you, as a person and sexual being. Many use it as a way of dealing with suffering and anguish that being promiscuous has brought them. While I have gained insight in reviewing old journals and remembering past encounters, it was not for self healing. I feel well adjusted and quite able to function in the ‘normal’ world. These adventures you are about to read are real life and as such, have happy and sad parts. Here is the thing about me, I embrace Life. So don’t read this book thinking it’s a therapeutic aid. It’s just Entertainment, because I have truly enjoyed my Life immensely and wish to share these special moments with you..