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Really Rare Rabbits: Giant Green Ghosts and the Secret at Peppermint Pass Peggy Cunningham Author

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    There on the mountaintop stood at least ten giant green ghosts. They were real.Fi Fi and her brother heard about Jesus when they ventured down their mountain in Bolivia and peered into the windows of the missionaries' house. Now, she and Chi Chi are starting a long journey to meet Grandfather who went to visit his Inca relatives of long ago. He's waiting for them at the mysterious Winding Wall. But first, they must journey through secretive Peppermint Pass.She's heard stories of giant green ghosts at Peppermint Pass, and she sure doesn't want to meet any ghosts--especially giant green ones--along the way. So, the morning they leave for the big trip, Fi Fi tells her brother about her fears. Chi Chi waves them off as just stories. While Fi Fi still trembles, she remembers a Bible verse tucked away in her racing heart, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13 (NIV)Fi Fi realizes why it is so important to memorize Scripture--so it stays in your heart always and comes back to you when you need it. Even so, she has no idea how much she and her brother will need to call on God for help to rescue them from the dangers that await on their journey through Peppermint Pass..